WP Chaturbate is a free WordPress plugin to show chaturbate webcams on your WordPress page. You could download it until the start of 2020 and then the site went down, so we bring it back because it is a very simple plugin to use and it can bring you good revenue.


Everybody wants to stay healthy and Corona free, so live camsex is very hot at the moment

How it works
If you want to make money in the adult business this is a good start. On Chaturbate you can make the choice of $1.00 Pay Per Registration or 20% Lifetime Revshare.
We highly recommend to choose for Revshare. This will take a while before you see that people are going to spend money, but when it's going on then you get much more revenue then when you only take $1.00 for a registration.
Imagine yourself that you get 10 registrations a day, that's $10.00 and that's all you will get from them by Pay Per Registration, but if this 10 people are going to spend only $10.00 each on Revshare, then you get already $20.00

Get a nice domain name and host it, download and setup WordPress, choose a nice WordPress Theme, this site is build with the free version of Theme Sydney but you can also choose another theme if you would like and know how to adjust the layout.
Anyway, we wish you good luck and much revenue/money, You can take a look how the script is working at the Demo
Installation and usage
Use the plugin upload feature in your WordPress admin (Plugins - Add New - Upload), or unpack the plugin on your PC and upload the directory ‘wp-chaturbate’ by FTP to your WordPress plugins directory.
Go to your plugins page and activate the WP Chaturbate plugin
Go to Settings - WP Chaturbate and set your affiliate ID. If you don’t have a Chaturbate affiliate account, you can register here (Orange button "Join affiliate program now")
If you do not know your affiliate ID, log in to your Chaturbate account and go to Affiliate Program - Linking Codes. The linking codes are something like this: https://chaturbate.com/in/?track=default&tour=NwNd&campaign=XXXXX – where XXXXX is your affiliate ID.
If the plugin is installed and configured, you can enter the codes found under the blue "Save Changes" button in the WordPress admin under Settings - WP Chaturbate into your pages or posts where you want to display the Chaturbate cams.
How to build a site? look at the Website tutorial
If you are going to build your site try to make it attractive (not as flat as this site),
use a good name, a nice logo, play with colors, placement of elements etc. So when people enter your site they say, WOW! that looks good!
You also can add another way to make money by placing banners on your site, here a list of most populair sites that offers banners or other camsites:
Since the script is not reachable anymore on the website of the author, and we only give you the opportunity to use it again, we will NOT give support in any way!

The script is working perfectly on the latest WordPress version and we use the latest version of Theme Sydney as mentioned before.

Click with your right mouse button and choose "save link as" to download the WP-Chaturbate plugin ZIP file to the location you want, or just click to download to your standard download map.