Website tutorial

Using WordPress To Build An Adult Site
WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS (Content Management System) and for good reasons! Not only is WordPress insanely easy to use, but there’s also a huge developer community providing 3rd party plugins and themes that can be used to easily add increased functionality to the site. WordPress is highly used in the adult industry for sites ranging form subscription pay sites to affiliate promotion sites. Here’s all the WordPress information for adult webmasters.

How To Setup / Install WordPress
The first thing you’ll need is a domain name (website name) and web hosting. Be careful when selecting a web hosting provider, because not all of them allow adult content. Make sure you check out the content policy with any solution before you purchase it. You don’t want to lose everything you’ve done due to a breach in policy.

Installing WordPress On Your Site
Installing WordPress is quick and easy. Some of these steps might sound complicated, but they’re really quite simple. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and if something doesn’t seem right, try backtracking.
  • Download WordPress – The first step is downloading WordPress from WordPress will come in a zipped up file.
  • Upload WordPress To Hosting Provider – The next step is uploading WordPress to your web hosting. This can be done through FTP or the CPanel. I normally just do it through CPanel, as you need to get in there to setup the database anyway. Upload the zip file to the root folder for your site. Unzip the file and move all the contained files from the WordPress folder into the root folder.
  • Setup A Database – The next step is setting up the database. This might sound complicated, but it’s really quite simple. Most CPanels will have something called a Database Wizard. This lets you easily create a database and a user. When creating the user, give that user all privileges. Copy / paste the database name, username and password somewhere safe. It’ll be needed for the next step.
  • Connect Database To WordPress – At this time, you should be able to punch the address for your website into the browser. There should be a WordPress install screen that pops up. If you don’t see that, either something went wrong when uploading WordPress to the hosting, or you need to set the nameservers for the website name. The first screen will prompt you for database information. Paste the database name, user name and password here. It’s suggested to change the table prefix from wp_ to something else. This makes your site a little harder to hack.
  • Setup Site / User Information – After you enter the database information, WordPress will prompt you to fill out the website information and admin information. After this is completed you can login to WordPress and start setting up your site.

Setup Robo Scripts
If your WordPress setup is completed and working you can install one of the Robo Scripts plugins and themes.
You can find instructions for this on the Robo Scripts website, and if you have problems or questions, make a support ticket, Robo Scripts is always very helpfull and fast!